Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blogger Vegan for a Day and New Moon

Well today is Blogger Vegan for a Day and I must say that it has really made me question a lot of the foods I have been eating. It makes me want to learn so much more about what products I use that contain animal products. Some of them are quite gross. Check this website out: What vegans don't eat
My eats for the day included: fresh fruit.. of course! :) .. for lunch I made a pita with couscous and hummus and had fresh veggies and a banana. YUM
I haven't really had any snacks today..not because of the vegan day but just haven't been hungry. We had a catered lunch at work and it was pizza.. It smelled sooo good and I just about caved in but I was strong! I remembered a quote from Caitlin's website: "We defined not just by what we do; we are defined by what we are willing to do without. Vegetarianism requires the renunciation of real and irreplaceable pleasures." 
And that really gave me strength. 
My husband is coming down with a cold.. YUCK and it is so close to Thanksgiving!! I hope I don't catch it but I need to take care of him. I am off to make him some yummy veggie pasta.

Also.. New Moon comes out tonight.. I know that I am excited. Team Edward!

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