Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Speedy Gonzales!

Happy Tuesday!
My day started off well with a nice bowl of oatmeal! It contained:
About 1/4 C Oats
A splash of milk
1/2 C of water
For toppings I used some almond butter (of course), pear chunks, 1/2 banana, some flax seeds and coconut.

It was so delicious but I think the time change is throwing me off because I was STARVING by about 10:30. So I ate a Kashi Pumpkin Pie bar.. they are so yummy! Lunch was a salad I made from home with Israeli couscous, mushrooms, veggie "meat"balls, beans (kidney and garbanzo). Sorry, no pictures.. I ate in a rush!
When I got home from work I immediately changed into my running gear and was ready to hit the pavement. I ran my 3 mile run is 28:50!! My fastest yet! My legs felt so good. I think I have been going through a period of muscle regrowth? My legs were feeling so sore all the time and just not good overall. But today.. they felt strong and ready to go!
Dinner was leftover veggie chili but this time I added in some diced tofu. So yummy.

I got some great news today at work as well. I AM GETTING A RAISE! I have been there for a year and they are giving me a 5% raise. I am so excited and it makes me realize my hard work does not go unnoticed.
I am off to have a nice glass of Murphy-Goode Liars Dice wine :)
Have a great night

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