Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hump Day!

I am always so thankful to get through Wednesday! Yesterday I got my new bag for work. I was wanting something that was able to store all of my necessity, such as wallet, etc. and still have room for my lunch.. and then I stumbled upon this great Keen computer bag. It was perfect!
Anyways, for todays food.. I only was able to snap photos of breakfast. Lunch is always gobbled down at my desk at work, which is bad I know, and I forget to photograph it! SORRY! Dinner.. the same thing happened.. well, I wasn't at work but I just simply forgot. I have to get used to this blogging what I eat thing! I love to do it though and then feel bad when I forget. Back to breakfast though, I was craving some yogurt, banana, cereal, and almond butter. It was so good, of course.

My legs were a little bit sore today from my fastest 3 miles yesterday. But I have 2 miles tomorrow and then 5 miles on Friday. We are going to Clemson early Saturday morning for the game vs. FSU and will be staying the night there. I can't wait to say I am able to run 5 miles! I have never done that before and it is certainly an accomplishment in itself.

I have been having one of those, I just feel fat days. I really try to not allow fat talk into my head and just be happy with who I am but some days it can be really tough. I know that I eat healthy and am exercising more and more and should be proud of myself. Tomorrow I am going to focus more on my appetite and not eat because of boredom. This occurs sometimes at work and I think that is when I start having these negative thoughts about my body. I AM BEAUTIFUL.
Have a great night!

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